Hajj Departure Quota Info 2022

After about 2 years of not leaving for hajj due to the covid-19 pandemic, this year the government has decided to send hajj to the holy land.

Then how much is the 2022 hajj quota?

Based on the Decree of the Minister of Religion Number 405 of 2022 concerning the Hajj quota for 1443 Hijri/2022 which was signed by the Minister of Religion, Yaqut on April 22, 2022, Indonesia has a quota of 92,246 hajj quotas for regular hajj, 114 advisory quotas, and 465 regional hajj pilgrimage quotas. 6,664 quotas for special pilgrims and 562 quotas for special pilgrims.

Thus, overall, Indonesia has a total quota of 100,051 for the 2022 hajj pilgrimage.

The 2022 hajj departure is intended for pilgrims who have paid the pilgrimage travel costs and are a maximum of 65 years old as of July 8, 2022 according to the order of portion numbers.

According to information from Saiful Mujab, Director of Domestic Hajj Services at the Ministry of Religion, as many as 89,715 pilgrims have paid off and confirmed their departure for Hajj. Thus, there are around 2,531 seats left from the total available quota, which are planned to be filled by congregants with reserve status and have paid off and confirmed the departure of the hajj.

Meanwhile, there have been a total of 12,294 reserve hajj pilgrims who have paid off and paid off for hajj departures.

So, he continued, it is certain that the quota will be fulfilled for the 2022 hajj departure.

This is the information on the quota for the 2022 hajj departure as reported by various reliable sources.

I hope this helps!