How to Easily View Instagram Links Latest 2022

For some reason, sometimes we need an Instagram post link. To share, or notify your posts or others to friends, and others. Many people don’t know how to see Instagram links. Even though it’s very easy.

You can practice how to see the Instagram link below through the Instagram application on your smartphone. So, the first thing you have to prepare is that the Instagram application is already active on the smartphone.

You can use this Instagram link to share with your friends on social media or whatsapp and others. So, when your friend clicks on this Instagram link, your friend will arrive at the page you took the link from earlier.

Without further ado, please see How to Easily View the Latest Instagram Links in 2022.

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If you are currently opening an Instagram post, you will see a three dot in the top right corner.

How to see Instagram links, click the three dots

Please click the three dots, then you will see a pop up consisting of several menus. Click Copy Link to copy the link so that later you can see the Instagram link.

How to View Instagram Links click the three dots select copy link


After that, you can paste it anywhere. For example in the WA chat column, facebook status, etc. Thus you will see the link to the Instagram post.

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That ‘s how to see Instagram links . I hope this helps.