How to Refresh a Laptop Correctly

Right Click, refresh. Right Click, refresh. Or F5, F5, F5, F5… many people often do this because they think that refresh can make their computer or laptop run smoother. Is this view correct?? Then how to refresh the laptop properly?

There are also those who have a habit, every time a new computer or laptop turns on, it must be refreshed several times. Then before turning it off, also refresh many times, then turn it off. these habits are not only done by ordinary people, but even computer technicians, many do this. From now on I suggest to immediately stop doing this habit. Why? Calm down I will explain.

What is Laptop or Computer Refresh
Refresh is simply used to mean refreshing. The point is that the refresh button on the desktop is to refresh things on our desktop.

The desktop is the earliest display, yes. If we open a computer or laptop, the first display is called the desktop. So the wallpaper, all the Widget icons, and so on are on this desktop, if we right click and then refresh, it’s refreshed again. Or you could say processed again appearance.

Laptop or Computer Refresh Function
how to refresh laptop

Well, then refreshed or refreshed for what? So like this, for example, we have changed something on the desktop, for example, changing the name. Then when I enter, the new name doesn’t appear. Now, we refresh it so that it is processed correctly again, according to what we have changed.

Another example is that there is an error icon on the desktop, it’s refreshed so it’s correct. that’s the actual refresh function. Namely to reprocess things that are on the desktop. That’s all, yes, not to launch a computer or laptop.

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There are also other errors. For example, there is an icon that cannot be clicked, well, right click refresh, so that it is correct. Then for example there is an icon that is all the same, it can also be refreshed to make it right. Then there is an icon on the desktop that doesn’t appear, it refreshes too. We have set the icons so that they are sorted according to choice, but it’s not correct, refresh.

Anyway, if there is something strange on the desktop, just refresh it, right. Just keep it refreshed once. Don’t do it many times. but actually that error is rare. Because Windows is a system whose mechanism will refresh itself automatically, if for example there is a change on the desktop. For example, there is a new folder, we change the name, it usually refreshes itself.

But sometimes there is a little error. So we need to manually refresh ourselves. it once again remember, just refresh it once.

Is it true that how to refresh a laptop or computer many times really can launch a laptop or computer?
Let’s prove whether the refresh can really launch the computer, as people say. To prove it, we open the “task manager”. Well, in this task manager we can see the performance. here we can see the load on the CPU, in memory, basically everything can be seen, yes, from this graph. if the graph is high, it means that the load there is high. If it’s low, it means that the load is low.

Try now we Right Click refresh. Right click refresh. Right click refresh. Right click refresh. You can see the CPU is going up. Now that we don’t refresh anymore, we’ll see if it’s going down. Let’s try to refresh again, right click refresh. Right click refresh. right click refresh. Well, up again.

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So it can be seen that the refresh actually creates a burden on the CPU, even though it’s not really a burden. But it makes a little burden on the CPU, because indeed to refresh the contents of this desktop, it needs power from the CPU.

The CPU, if you don’t know it, is the brain of our computer. so every time you want to refresh the desktop, it takes power from the CPU. Because he processes everything on the desktop again. so remember to refresh it once or twice. Do not repeatedly so that our CPU is also not too burdened.

Especially when the new laptop computer is on and we refresh it many times, it adds to the burden. because if the new laptop or computer turns on, it loads all the applications on the computer or laptop. everything is loading and all the icons on the desktop are all loaded like that. So it’s quite a load when it’s new. the more we refresh again, the more burdened it is.

In addition to the desktop there is also a refresh in the file explorer and also in the browser. But if the browser is often said to also reload the name. in file explorer more or less the same as desktop yes. if there is a folder or file icon that hangs it refreshes so the icon is correct. Then when we change an icon, the icon doesn’t change immediately, so refresh, replace the new one. Then there are also after changing the name of the file or folder, it doesn’t change immediately, refresh.

If in the browser when opening a website there is an image that doesn’t appear, or it looks like a mess, usually the cause is a bad internet connection. So it’s a refresh or reload so that it looks right.

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Let’s try to make a conclusion now. the first refresh is not to launch a computer or laptop. refresh is only used when there are strange things or errors on the desktop. How to refresh a laptop or computer that is done continuously even burdens the CPU.