How to Remove Water from Your iPhone: Manual & App

Here is an easy and practical way to get water out of your iPhone. There are two ways, manual and using the app. keep watching!!

If you’re using an iPhone, be careful when taking your phone to the bathroom. Do not get in the water. If you don’t know how to free water from your iPhone, your phone may die.

There are two ways to deal with your iPhone’s exposure to water, either manually or using an app.

There are two ways to get water out of your iPhone.

Remove the water manually
As with most phone brands, you can also manually remove water from your iPhone. The procedure is as follows:

1. Turn off your iPhone
It’s a good idea to turn off your iPhone immediately when it’s submerged in water, especially if it’s submerged.

Don’t turn on your iPhone when it’s wet. Internal components may be damaged.

iPhone devices are waterproof, but for your safety, you should turn off the phone immediately.

Being disabled prevents the iPhone from further damage.

2. Dry the outside of your iPhone
The next manual way to get water out of your iPhone is to dry the outside. You can use a paper towel, cloth, or towel to dry the exposed exterior.

For best results, we also recommend shaking the phone. The goal is that the water that has entered the circuit out of the hole in the cellphone.

In addition to shaking, you should also remove the battery to make sure the iPhone battery is in good condition.

Pay attention to the location of the battery. This section contains a small white box with red stripes. Make sure the line color doesn’t change. If the color changes, the iPhone circuit contains water.

3. Dry the inside of your iPhone
Once you’ve made sure that the outside is dry with water, the next handy way to drain the water from your iPhone is to dry the inside.

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You can use a moisture absorber to dry it. For example, use a soft dry towel to wipe water that gets on your phone.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner. However, do not use a hair dryer as it can damage your phone.

4. Remove your iPhone SIM card
It is out of iPhone components and is water resistant, but if your phone gets wet, remove the SIM card immediately to avoid damaging it.

In addition to preventing damage, removing the SIM card after the phone has been exposed to water can also save important data on the SIM card.

5. Use water-absorbing material
You can also use a water-absorbing material to remove water from your iPhone. This is the last manual method you can do to save your iPhone.

Rice is a water absorbent material that is widely used and has been proven to absorb water well. The best effect can be obtained by putting it in rice and letting it sit for 24 hours.

How to Remove water from iPhone with apps
If the manual method doesn’t work. As an alternative, we recommend using a dedicated app to get water out of your iPhone. The app store has many apps that you can use to prevent your smartphone from getting wet.

1. Use the Water Ejection Shortcut app
We recommend that you use your application’s water ejection shortcut. However, not all types of iPhone are compatible with this application.

This app works well for the latest iPhone models. This application is very effective in removing water from the speaker device.

Using the Water Ejection shortcut application is also very easy and simple. The steps that you can use to use this application are as follows:

Open Safari and select the search box.
Please search by typing the keyword “shortcut water ejection” in the browser. and download
Select the Get Shortcut menu. Make sure this app has been downloaded to your phone.
Then you can open the shortcut application.
In the last step, select Shortcut Water ejection and click begin Water ejection.
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The way this app works is that it removes water from your iPhone through your phone’s speaker.

Unfortunately, using this app does not remove all the water that has ever entered the mobile device.

To access shortcuts easily, you need to make a copy of the shortcut.

2. Overcome the Iphone that caught water with the Sonic Application
In addition to using the water ejection shortcut, there are other application options, namely the Sonic application.

This app can be downloaded for free from the iOS App store. To download, enter your password or touch/Face ID.

Like the water ejection shortcut, the Sonic app also takes water from the phone through the speaker. The phone must be set at a loud volume so that the water in it can be pushed out.

These are some of the ways to get water out of your iphone . Good luck, good luck.